So What’s It All About?

The West Price Hill Mural focuses on several themes reflected in the West Price Hill Community.  The design emphasizes the historical development and settlement of West Price Hill and integrates natural elements that reflect the deep rootedness of the community as well as the evolution of the area.  The image is designed to show transitions in time periods and aspects of the community in a free flowing, integrated way- not just a linear past to present approach.  Time periods addressed in the image date back to the pre-historic era, focusing on the fossils of the Ohio River Valley Region, through Native American settlement in the area, and ending with the development of West Price Hill as a refuge from the industry of Downtown Cincinnati. 

Foliage and fauna native to the area is represented in the various references to the green spaces of West Price Hill and through the animal renderings.  The animals are rendered in Native American effigy style and reference animals both indigenous to the region and present in the community.  Also integrated into the design are some of the key landmarks of West Price Hill; including the Covedale Theater, the pavilion at Rapid Run Park, and some of the architectural details from Dunham Park.  Stylistically, the rendering of the design references both Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements and artists- both of which are heavily present in the West Price Hill community.

The Community Presentation

To view the complete West Price Hill Mural Presentation, click on the link below!
ArtWorks WPH Presentation